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Password recovery. Table of Contents. God Of War Ghost Sparta. Naruto Shippuden Ninja Impact. Need For Speed. Adventures to Go! Alien Syndrome: Download MB. Ape Escape — On the Loose: Download Asthonishia Story: Download More: Click the link here …. Battlezone: Download MB. Bomberman: Download 74MB. Burnout Legends: Download Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded: Download Cars: Download MB.

Championship Manager Download MB. Crash of the Titans: Download MB. Cube: Download MB. Despicable Me: Download MB. Disgaea Infinite: Download Dynasty Warriors: Download MB. EA Replay: Download Eragon: Download MB. Every Extend Extra: Download Exit: Download 61MB.

EyePet: Download MB. F1 Download MB. Gangs of London: Download Generation of Chaos: Download Gladiator Begins: Download MB. Sudoku: Download Gripshift: Download Gunpey: Download Half-Minute Hero: Download Heatseeker: Download Impossible Mission: Download Intelligent License: Download Iron Man: Download Kameleon: Download Kao Challengers: Download Kenka Bancho — Badass Rumble: Download Killzone — Liberation: Download Knights in the Nightmare: Download Lemmings: Download Lumines: Download Luxor — The Wrath of Set: Download Mana Khemia: Download Medal of Honor — Heroes 2: Download With Armand Bouchart a fierce templar leader around, Altair has a new enemy.

Altair has to travel through Cyprus to hunt down Armand Bouchart in other to stop there bad schemes. Blood lines being the first PSP game tells the story of Altair tracking down the last templars who fled the holy land.

With over 5 million downloads every year, this game is one of the most popular games on ppsspp-psp till date. It portrays a story of Greek mythology. Assuming the role of Kratos, a player plays through the story lines that roles on their screen. With the aid of on-screen instructions to guide you in different stages, you will need to defeat your enemies with double edge chain sword, pass through the dark ancient buildings full of horror scenes, swim in different river to cross to other lands of enemies, all in the chains of Olympus franchise.

With interesting and different story lines from number one above, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is another second version of God of war for the PSP console titled ghost of Sparta.

Kratos remains the main character in this plot of the game. You can upgrade your sword to annihilate enemies faster. In this game of might, all you have to do as a gamer is to emulate the life of Beowulf, who is a nightmare and a legendary warrior with a strength and energy of more than 29 men combined with his brutal behavior.

Because of his lustful and self serving behavior, Beowulf, who is always in the quest to look for gold and glory, has to embark on a journey to destroy a blood thirsty beasts who have wreck havoc and destroyed many things.

This game was considered to be the last release for the PSP console. Many mod versions have been released recently.

Packed with fun, this game has its own one on one matches. And interestingly again, it also has emulated ppv matches on WWE such as wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Hell in a cell, Elimination chambers, table ladder chairs, money in the bank etc.

You can unlock a lot of WWE legend athletes as you play the game. And with some story lines on road to wrestle mania, the game support Android and PSP devices with minimal graphics quality. With so much fun, X-men origin is an action packed game filled with various fighting moves, players will get addicted to it as they play the game on their device. So are you ready to explore x-men origins wolverine game steam download ocean of games free for android x-men.

Need For Speed — Shift brings the mind-blowing real experience of car racing on your device by driving with high speed and best performing cars in the world. You can become the best driver by winning each race with other competitors. The fascinating world of need for speed is one would love to try. Beat your fellow drivers to be at the summit of the race table, power up your driving skills, by drifting and hitting obstacles with different techniques.

Starting with the new intro movie that lets you dive into the midst of the world of Tekken, and this time with an added feature of an ad-hoc multiplayer mode to fight against friends as well as more items to customize your favorite characters.

Tekken is unarguably one of the most explosive fighting games in the PSP platform. This is one interesting game for action games lovers.

Unlike the first year of its release when it was available only on PlayStation portable. In this game you stand as the main character in liberty city as Toni Cipriani. The game Ghost Rider with similar story line as the movie, is all about someone who transforms into a flaming skeleton in the night when the moon is out and by possessing other fellow human beings in turn he gains the ability to control them.

Imagine the thrill of using your favorite WWE stars to beat your opponent with diverse finishing wrestling moves! Developed by 2k sports, WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2K14 comes with better navigation menu for you to able to select a wrestler, goto story modes, play popular events such as Royal rumble, wrestle mania etc.

Mortal Kombat Unchained is a very exciting game that enables you play with a character that endures hard combat till death. It is very much similar to the game, Tekken.

However, it comes with more features such as actors with dynamic fighting styles, each actors with different story lines, endurance mode, fatalities etc. This game of adventure, is about the search for legendary artifacts which made Lara travel around the world: which is a restart for the series after the Angel of Darkness was giving poor reception.

In this game, the player as an air combatant, race and fight enemy war planes in high speed to earn credits and be awarded with medals of honor. In , Ubisoft for the fourth time released the forgotten sands game into the market apart from the initially released series called sands of time universe, which is set between the first two games in the trilogy and coinciding with the release of Sands of times movie. This is one game that preserves all the raging battles and eye-catching visuals.

Its series has been known to create the most comprehensive and interesting fighting experience ever on psp gaming system which comes with highly responsive controls and comfortable gameplay. What features do we get with its single player mode?

It enables you follow the footsteps of Soulcalibur IV, Critical Finishing Moves returns, where opponents can be defeated with one spectacular attack.

Do you love to play football games and at the same time enjoy the thrills of a real world football match? This game gives that exciting combination. FIFA14 enables you play and experience how top stars score great goals. It also come with the special features of having more football clubs officially licensed, with real players and kits, world tournaments, and gameplay that mirrors real football game world.

However the Legacy Edition of FIFA 14 features up to date kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay techniques or game modes with this edition. You assume the role of Dante, a veteran of the Crusaders. As you pursue, you go deeper into the pits of Hell, you must battle ever more fierce and hideous monsters. You also have your own sins to face, a dark family past, and your unforgivable war crimes.

Are you a fan of anime stories? In this game you can experience your favorite anime storylines with crisp animation cut scenes in full VO and fight in epic battle sequences while executing famous finishing. The sequel comes with more co-op moves for players to use at any time, which will enable completely different strategies and options in battle, adding up to a bigger, more organic and immersive co-op experience.

This game comes with many exciting features; you can play with your fellow opponents through exhibition, adhoc and also save game. Again, you get to play seasonal competitions such as master leagues and other related leagues such as champions League, European leagues, this game also comes with latest season kits for players. In addition, 15 stadiums were added, updated and improved with nice-looking grasses.

This game also comes with clean graphics. PES is a mind-absorbing and suspense-filled game that allows you manipulate football tactics and strategies to win matches.

There is a training mode were you work with your players and make tactical plans. Its commentary is sound and clear. Access Games developed this awesome game and it was published by Square Enix. As the chosen one, you are to destroy the deadly imps and goblins and proceed to battle Lord Vermilion. If you are a lover of adventurous missions, then you certain would love this. In this game, the immortal Dhaka runs behind the prince. Your role is to take out Dhaka and know the secret behind the mysterious creatures and why Dhaka is immortal.

This game was set in The game will serve as the missing link in the current Metal Gear saga. Players of the game are going to learn more about returning characters like Para-Medic, Major Zero and Sigint. Players will also go through the greatest tragedy of Naked Snake, a tragedy that sets into motion the story lines of the upcoming games to the Metal Gear Solid game permit.

The game comprises a whole lot of voiceovers cinematic. The Prince must embark on an impossible adventurous quest to refute his predestined death. If the Prince must survive, then he must unleash the warrior within by releasing an entirely new devastating combat art. Ready at Dawn developed this entertaining platform video game, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Daxter, being an ottsel and not human, and very small and furry but must survive crawls on all fours, climb walls, creep up on enemies, fit into small places, and maneuver vehicles.

Player would develop this unique move set active abilities to survive in this platform video game. It absolutely focuses on a portable multiplayer experience. You get to enjoy the most amazing mission strategies in this game. Ever wanted to feel the thrill of wrestling, then you will certainly love the version of the WWE game. And it has many awesome features not found in the older versions.

Speed your way through with this amazing racing game. The only USA race driving of This is worth getting excited about. Known for pickup and play on PSP. It has almost the same features with the initial version. Challenge of The War Lord is an easy-to-learn, entertaining and mind absorbing game.

The story and character progression found in RPGs were integrated to develop this amazing puzzle game. This game however offers an entirely new type of game that takes the puzzle genre to a level you have never seen or experienced.

Enjoy the series of underwater combat. This entertaining game came in series with Syphon Filters: Dark Mirror. It features features 24 entirely new reversible circuit, a whole lot of new high-speed vehicles and some dangerous new weapons you would certainly love.

A powerful combination of the most explosive moments of the popular Burnout series of car racing games. It also combined some new exciting features offering you the best racing sensation on the PSP. Engage your car as a weapon and make your way through to the front of the park by instigating spectacular car crashes and eliminating.

In Half Minutes Hero, the God of Evil cast a spell on the villains of the land and a hero is urgently needed to save the day. In this amazing virtual tennis game, customize your own player and proceed to the top of the game.

This game is among the initial version of Sega popular virtual tennis on PSP. LocoRoco is endangered. The evil Moja army has returned with a deadly song that withers every living thing and wants to capture LocoRoco! In this new mind thrilling series, you are to assist the LocoRoco restore the balance and return life and music back to the planet. There are a whole lot of brand new abilities and challenges that makes this an instant classic.

Are you going to live or die!!! In this game, you are to protect the pathway of you home base from a fierce attack of many threatening monsters.

You must always intercept to strengthen your defenses in between monstrous attacks by collecting gold coins and jewels from slain enemies. This items can be used to build new towers and research more dangerous weapons. Enjoy more than 35 levels and claim prize bubbles, amazing costumes and create materials.

After creating levels and challenges, you can share all these to the community pool in infrastructure mode or share in ad-hoc mode. This game leaves you with a number of exciting features and ability to customize your own characters!

You can form your dream squad of powerful ninja from the rich universe of Naruto to fight against your friends and trade your player profile through ad-hoc connection. You have the options of elevating your favorite characters to create your own custom ninja, forming your favorite ninja team as it is in the cartoon or creating the ultimate dream team to fight your rivals! Available are more than 15 playable characters and 8 interactive stages to go through. This is a game you would love to play.

How about playing a game where friendship ties are tested? A suspense-filled game. A game where secrets are unraveled! In this game you play asTerra, Ventus, and Aqua who are three friends with a common dream who find themselves in the midst of a crisis that affect worlds far beyond theirs.

Enjoy the game as you watch their destinies unfold across memorable Disney worlds in three intertwining stories. In this epic game, Ramza Beoulve is faced with the daunting task of protecting his beloved ones from the evil Lucavi.

This happened around the war of the Lions time. The death of King Ondorria triggered this intense conflict. This game is the latest portable entry to the Metal Gear franchise. It is set in Costa Rica. So, you can enjoy it solo or with your friends.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep features hack and slash elements with several characters and tasks to complete. The game follows an aspect called a Command system, where players can customize a Command Deck for the characters. These features will let the characters perform well when needed. It allows up to six players to play together. There are different scenarios, and it is up to the players to choose the scenarios they want to play.

The game follows six essential elements to give the players the most authentic gaming experience. PES centers everything on football. Players can use the ball, move it just like in real life. Pro Evolution Soccer features fantastic ball physics.

That is why we get the realistic feel when we interact with the football in the game. PES offers both single and multiplayer modes. It features an open-world mechanism where players can move around freely. Moreover, the gameplay is like other GTA games.

There are different missions to complete as part of your gangster life. The game is set in Chinatown. For example, players can reduce or increase the number of police cars. Though the game is not available on PC, you can now play it with the help of the emulator.

Mortal Kombat: Deception is a PlayStation-only game. It is one of the most popular fighting video games in gaming history. The game is the sixth installment of the Mortal Kombat game series. You can choose from 24 characters to play in the game. Among them, 9 is first introduced to the Mortal Kombat series in this game.

The game also features extra elements like chess and puzzles with the MK characters. Overall, Mortal Kombat: Deception is an appealing game to play.

Just like all the other Mortal Kombat games, this one is packed with action and adventures. You will enjoy the open-world environment of Mortal Kombat: Deception. But from , the console was discontinued. As PSP is not officially produced, it has become rare to find on the market.

But you can get it from others. Officially there were 5 PSP models available for the public. You can easily download the game ppsspp and enjoy it on your PC. Emulators are legal to download and use. However, sharing and downloading copyright-protected ROMs without permission is not legal.

Yes, it can play PS2 games on Android. It is not a virus or malware. This open-source emulator came as a blessing for PSP fans all over the world. We hope you will find this helpful article.

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